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    Each group is autonomous and chooses its own format and script. There are useful suggestions, scripts and readings on the CMA World Services Web Site. In addition, below are some sample scripts that incorporate popular New York City formats. Groups should feel free to adapt, combine, and revise them. Many meetings also include readings. Some of those are included in the World Services New Meeting Guide (.doc).


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pdf Sunday Step - Chair ( pdf, 63 KB )
pdf Sunday Step Literature Announcement ( pdf, 14 KB )
pdf Sunday Step Secretary's Script ( pdf, 45 KB )
pdf Sunday Step Twelve Steps Plan of Action ( pdf, 64 KB )
pdf Sunday Step Twelve Traditions ( pdf, 9 KB )
pdf Sunday Step What is CMA 2017 ( pdf, 54 KB )
pdf Sunday Step Who is an Addict ( pdf, 8 KB )