There are several elements to Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), each vital to long-term recovery. The most basic elements are meetings, sponsorship and step work. Additional elements include fellowship and service.

Meetings and Sponsorship

CMA members share their experience with others seeking recovery. This is done at meetings and in a one-on-one relationship called sponsorship.

At meetings the program of recovery is discussed. All meetings are a safe place to share your experience, listen to others and to meet other recovering addicts. A sponsor is simply another addict, usually with at least one year of continuous sobriety, who makes suggestions and answers questions about the program. More information about Sponsorship is available in a NYCMA pamphlet called What is a Sponsor?.

Step Work

The CMA program is set forth in the Twelve Steps. The steps give an addict a program to live life without the use of Crystal Meth or other mind-altering substance. An addict “works the steps” with a sponsor who shares their experiences and makes suggestions along the way.


We also share our experiences in a more informal setting called fellowship. Fellowship can include grabbing a bite to eat after a meeting, activities, or be as simple as a few CMA members getting together for coffee.


Service is a commitment taken on a voluntary basis, either within the group as a whole or for a particular meeting. It can be as simple as bringing snacks to, or helping clean up after a meeting. Or it can be more formal, like being a chairperson or officer for a meeting.

For more information, please read the NYCMA pamphlet, Frequently Asked Questions.