Help Line: 212-642-5029

  • Make alliances with any outside organization, institution, or agency; nor are we under
    surveillance from any law enforcement agency
  • Furnish initial motivation for addicts to recovery
  • Solicit members
  • Engage in or sponsor research
  • Keep attendance records or case histories
  • Join “councils” of social agencies
  • Follow up or try to control its members
  • Make medical or psychological diagnoses or prognoses
  • Provide rehab or nursing services, hospitalization, drugs, or any other medical or psychiatric treatment
  • Offer religious services
  • Engage in education about drugs
  • Provide housing, food, clothing, jobs, money, or any other welfare or social services
  • Provide domestic or vocational counseling
  • Accept any money for its services, or any contributions from non-CMA sources
  • Provide letters of reference to parole boards, lawyers, court officials, social agencies, employers, etc.